If you’re interested in joining 10F (Luton) Squadron ATC as a Cadet, then keep an eye out on the website for our intake days. Rather than joining on your own, we prefer to give you the chance to come down on a particular day along with other potential new Cadets to see the Squadron for yourself and this also ensures that you won’t be starting on your own.

In order to join, you must be at least 12 years old AND be in Year 8 or above. Likewise, because of the structure of our fast-paced training programme, we cannot realistically accept new cadets over the age of 16, unless they are transferring from another ATC Squadron, CCF(RAF) Section, or other Cadet Force.

During your first two months you will receive your Phase One training. You will be taught the core information needed to become a cadet. This covers the History and structure of the ATC and our Squadron, a brief history of the RAF and basic foot drill. You will be issued your uniform and taught how to maintain it. You will also be able to attend a visit to the RAF Museum at Hendon. If you have attended each parade night you will be enrolled into the Air Training Corps after these first two months. This is the point at which you are entitled to attend flying, gliding and public relations events.

You will then join the main group of cadets with a level of knowledge and understanding that will give you the confidence to be able to integrate with ease and join in the further training and activities.



Cutenhoe Learning Park

Cutenhoe Road




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